Campus Connect Certificate Program (ASP.NET With C#)

Campus Connect Certificate Program is specifically designed for those who are perusing there academics and wish to excel in advanced technologies, so as to upgrade there skills and want to pursue their project work during the summer or winter vacation. We intend them to work on various IT projects independently and hence, we provide them a “Professional Work Environment” for completion of the training program.

Eligibility :

  1. All B.Tech, MCA , M.Sc IT, B.Sc IT, BCA , PGDCA students studying in 1st year to final year can undergo this program.
  2. he Training is also designed to fulfil the requirements of the 6th semester students who wish to do Industrial Training, a mandatory part of their curriculum.
  3. Students who wish to upgrade their existing skills can also undergo the program.

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# Technology Duration Course Fee*
1 ASP.NET With C# 80 Hrs 7000/-

*Taxes Extra at actual at the time of payment (currently it is 18 %)

Basic Certificate course in ASP.NET Using C#

Course Objective : The objective of this course is to provide the student with an expertise in ASP.NET Programming. After doing the course the student will be able to design, develop and maintain ASP.NET applications effectively.

Prerequisite : Sound knowledge of Computing Fundamentals and Fundamentals of Programming, C and Java Programming and Database Technology.

Course Content :

  1. MS .NET 4.5 Framework
    • Introduction to NET 4.5 Frameworks
    • Application Domain
    • Language Interoperability
    • .NET Framework Class Library
    • Assemblies
    • Introduction of Windows Presentation Foundation
    • Introduction of Windows Workflow Foundation
    • Introduction of Windows Communication Foundation
  2. C# .NET 4.5
    • Need of C#
    • Operators
    • Namespaces & Assemblies
    • Arrays
    • Preprocessors
    • Delegates and Events
    • Boxing and Unboxing
    • Regular Expression
    • Collections
    • Exceptions Handling
  3. MS .Net Web based programming
    • Introduction and difference between ASP and ASP .Net Application
    • The goals of Asp .Net 4.5
    • Additional new features of 4.5
    • ASP .NET Server Controls and client-side scripts
    • ASP .NET Web Server Controls
    • Validation Controls
    • User Controls in ASP .NET
    • Working with Master-Detail relationship
    • ASP .NET State Management
    • ASP .NET Web Application Security
    • Transaction Management
    • Building .NET components
    • Master Pages, Themes and skins
    • MVC Architecture
    • MS.NET MVC Framework
    • View master pages and view user control
    • Understanding HTML Helpers
    • Working with AJAX
    • Deploying ASP .NET MVC application